First exhibited in my solo exhibition Animaatioita päistä ja päitä (The Head: Animations and sculptures), P-galleria, Pori, 2016
Last exhibited at MOW, Helsinki, 2017


The sculpture is a head of a king. It is made out of all kinds of junk, and is about 50cm X 60cm x 40cm in size. Materials like dry pasta, glue, white clay and play dough, metal wire, tape and polyurethane come together to form a head, helplessly lying on its side. There is also a pasta-sceptre hanging by the decapitated monarch.
Regardless of their current hopeless state, the head’s eyes look around nonchalantly, with lightning bolts coming out of them at regular intervals. This is done with a stop motion animation, that is projected on the head and partly on the wall behind the sculpture.