The Apartment Building is an animation and sculpture installation. It is a set of apartments, created with stop motion animation and projected on a 230 cm tall and 120 cm wide sculpture of an apartment building. The sculpture has a sound coming from the inside, a mixture of weird, incomprehensible humanoid chatter, clatter of the elevator, and so on.

In the apartments a strange mixture of alien humanoid-like creatures carry on with their daily lives: a reptile-like creature spends hours heating up bath water. A spiky being frowns at a machine he’s built, hitting all the buttons at once. A sloppy three-breasted ”thing” tries to manage a flock of wild children or pets in the eerie humming noise of his kitchen.

These strange-looking humanoids create an absurd performance of their daily routines, each in their own cell. The actions are just as futile as they seem; the looping repetition only emphasising the numb, automatic routine.


Link to a compilation video of some of the apartments